Sailing boat rentals in Phuket

Sailboats available for rent in Phuket

  • Sail yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40
    Ao Po Grand Marina
    Capacity: 8 pax, 8 to sleep
    Cabins: 3
    Year: 2001
    €1,400 €1,330/1 week


Sailing boat rentals in Phuket with or without skipper

All you need to know to sail in Phuket. Thailand

The destination of Phuket is in the mainland province of Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea, west of the Malaysian peninsula. Its beautiful and exotic landscapes and paradisiacal beaches already encourage boat rental in Phuket. The 70% of its surface is covered by leafy jungles and is very mountainous. The eastern coast is generally muddy but on the contrary, the western side has sandy beaches. A perfect place to observe the sunsets, is the southern end of the island is the Laem. All the places you visit are oriented to the satisfaction of your visitors and the treatment of the locals is extraordinary with foreign visitors.


Thanks to the large number of beaches and the size of the island. It has several ports with marinas that welcome sailboat rentals in Phuket. Among them are: Royal Phuket Marina and Ao Po Grand Marina.

Beaches and coves

Although Phuket receives millions of tourists each year. It is not difficult to find some lonely or little crowded places with dream beaches such as Ban Thao, Nan Thao, Banana beach, Kamala, Laem Sim Beach, among many others. We must not forget the wonderful nature parks that you can visit anchoring your sailing boat or catamaran for rent in Phuket. A park that stands out above the rest is the Khao Sok National Park


Thai cuisine is quite basic in the variety of its dishes and is rich in flavors from different cultures. Especially the Chinese culture of which is very influenced Thai cuisine. Five are the predominant flavors in Thai dishes: sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter. The most popular foods in Thai cuisine are: tender shoots of bamboo, rice, noodles, chilli, lime juice, palm or brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and basil

How to get to Phuket

Most international flights, especially from Europe or America, arrive in Bangkok. However there are also several direct flights to Phuket from Europe, almost all charter. There are also direct flights to Phuket, especially in high season (November - April), from several Asian destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney or Singapore among others.


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