Motorboat rentals in Majorca

Motor Boats available for rent in Mallorca

  • Motoryacht Beneteau Flyer 8.8
    Club de Mar
    Capacity: 11 pax, 4 to sleep
    Cabins: 2
    Year: 2016
    €3,745/1 week
  • Motoryacht Bavaria 33 Sport
    Naviera Balear
    Capacity: 8 pax, 4 to sleep
    Cabins: 2
    Year: 2010
    €4,200/1 week
  • Motoryacht Fairline Targa 48
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 12 pax, 6 to sleep
    Cabins: 3
    Year: 2000
    €9,000/1 week
  • Motoryacht Cranchi 41 Endurance
    Port of Pollensa
    Capacity: 10 pax, 4 to sleep
    Cabins: 2
    Year: 2006
    €10,150 €9,642/1 week
  • Motoryacht Bavaria 39 Sport
    Port of Pollensa
    Capacity: 12 pax, 4 to sleep
    Cabins: 2
    Year: 2014
    €11,200 €10,640/1 week
  • Motoryacht Azimut evolution
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 11 pax, 6 to sleep
    Cabins: 3
    Year: 2000
    €11,000/1 week
  • Motoryacht Ferretti 175 Fly
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 12 pax, 6 to sleep
    Cabins: 3
    Year: 2001
    €12,000/1 week
  • Motoryacht Absolute 56 Fly
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 12 pax, 6 to sleep
    Cabins: 3
    Year: 2015
    €15,000/1 week
  • Motoryacht Amer permare 2560
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 14 pax, 12 to sleep
    Cabins: 5
    Year: 2007
    €24,000/1 week
  • Motoryacht Mondomarine 120
    Port of Palma
    Capacity: 12 pax, 12 to sleep
    Cabins: 5
    Year: 1997
    €60,000/1 week


Motorboat rentals in Majorca. Yachts, open boats, RIB's.

What to know to rent a motorboat in Mallorca

Ports, marinas and moorings:

The island of Mallorca has a large number of ports where you can rent a boat of any length, from the famous Llauts, passing by sailboats, boats, schooners, catamarans and luxury yachts. Of course the most important is the Port of Palma de Mallorca, which is the capital of the island. It has incredible facilities and its marinas are some of the most important in the world. But there are certainly ports on the island that, because of their situation or nature, are spectacular and where you can book a boat, moor and get supplies or help if you need it. The most popular because of their geographical location are those on the east side of Majorca where the famous wild coves are known, the Calas de Mallorca.

In the north are two of the most spectacular natural bays of Mallorca with long and fantastic beaches. Both bays have very modern marinas prepared to accommodate all types of boats and of any length: Marina puerto de AlcúdiaMarina Puerto de PollensaMarina Bonaire (Port of Cocodrilo)

In the west area, immersed in the Serra de Tramuntana which is the most rugged and rugged but impressive at the same time, there is only one port: Marina Sóller

And in the south of the island is where we can find the largest number of ports and marinas: Port of Palma (It has the best marinas)Marina AndratxMarina Santa PonsaMarina Palma NovaMarina AdrianoMarina Portals,Marina Cala NovaMarina Cala GambaMarina PortixolMarina ArenalMarina S’EstanyolMarina Sa Rápita

The weather:
The sun is the main protagonist on the island of Mallorca which gives a special light to this beautiful island of the Mediterranean that has a privileged climate all year round, with an average of no less than 300 days of sunshine and an average annual temperature that Oscillates between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. During the summer the maximums reach between 29 and 31 degrees. The minimum temperature during the night in winter is between 5 and 9 degrees.

The gastronomy of Mallorca is very varied and offers us typical things of the island such as the brut arroz, the Mallorcan fried, the suckling pig, fish of all kinds, ensaimada and an infinity of exquisite dishes. But it also allows us to taste exquisite paellas or international foods of any kind. Prices are very affordable and except in high-end restaurants, we can eat at a very good price in any destination on the island.

Essential places to visit:

The charter rental in Mallorca allows you to get to know one of the most desirable destinations around the world to sail and has an impressive variety of places to meet with the boat. And depending on the time you have, you can go around the island or dedicate a year to each of the very different areas between them, but all unique and spectacular. Said by our own clients and ourselves that we are passionate about sailing, these are some of the places (there are many more) that must be visited by boat at least once in Mallorca: Cabrera Island, Dragonera Island, Beach of Es Trenc, Beach of Formentor, Port of Sóller, Cala Varques, Caló d'es Moro, Cala S'Amarador, Portocolom, Porto Petro, Playa d'es Carbó, Playa d'es Caragol

Sailing in Mallorca:

The high season of navigation with the most stable conditions are from June to September, but the months of April, May and October are also ideal months for navigation due to the smaller number of tourists on the island and therefore more tranquility and ease Access to beaches and ports. Also the temperatures are milder and not as high as in summer.

Mallorca is the ideal island for lovers of sailing. It is the area of ​​the Balearic Islands in the Mistral and Tramontana winds from the north and northwest, which together with the winds from the south clear the skies and rise temperatures.
The predominant wind in the north of Mallorca in the Tramontana, which we must pay attention if we visit that area of ​​the island, because although it is an ideal wind to sail, it can become a strong wind only accessible to navigation experts.
In the southern part of the island is characteristic the Embat, a local wind caused by the temperature difference between sea and land. It is a constant wind and ideal for sailing, which makes it perfect for sailing and holding regattas. The Bay of Palma de Mallorca hosts some of the most important regattas in the world.
The coastal navigation in Mallorca is perfect for all sailors and especially for the less expert or those who just want to sail calm and visit many coves and beaches. It does not require a great experience because its waters are calm and it has many places of refuge where anchor or ports where to moor within a few miles of each other. The only area to take into account as a risk is Tramuntana because it has only one port to take refuge, the Port of Sóller.
How to get to Mallorca:

Mallorca has one of the best international airports in the world in Palma and is the destination of the most important airlines in the world. So it is very easy to find flights from anywhere. From the airport it will be very easy to find a transport that will take us to the port where we have reserved the boat.

By sea, you can travel from Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia in Alicante. Several very modern ferries make the crossing every day and in a few hours arrive until the port of Palma de Mallorca or Alcúdia.


Top destinations in Mallorca:

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