How I can make a booking?

How I can make a booking?


Select the boat

Find a boat on our website is very simple. Use the search engine with which you can refine your search by the criteria you prefer, boat type, date, length, destination, etc. You can select from more than 14,000 ships in more than 150 destinations worldwide.
In Nautic Adventure you will find the best fleet of boats checked and rent selected after checking that meet the requirements of quality, service and reliability required by Nautic Adventure.
Complete the quote request form and send it to Nautic Adventure, where we will review your request and analyze in search of some improvement we can bring you, even offering a more suitable alternative and that best suits your needs.

Custom quotation

You will receive a detailed quotation prices, options, extras, etc. Nothing to surprise and prices will be adjusted exactly to what ultimately will have to pay to make the reservation.
You can ask any questions that you need and you want to fold any questions. We work to offer the most complete information to make your experience booking a boat is not a meaningless mess but on the contrary, it will be very simple.

Book boat

Once you've received the budget, answers to your questions and having clear that that is the destination and the boat you want to rent, you only have to press the button to confirm the reservation and make the first payment. Payment will be able to do directly to your private area of ​​customer credit card encryption system in our payment and secure payment. Optionally you can also make payment by bank transfer.
Of course, at all times, you will have the support and help of Nautic Adventure adviser in charge of your reservation. Conveniences include a direct phone with your advisor and the ability to contact him through your client area.

Private client area

From the first moment you get in touch with Nautic Adventure, you'll have access to a private client area where you will have all the details of your reservation so you can check at any time. And from that private area you can make all the queries you want. Such access is kept open for you even after finishing your holiday and returning the boat. Once the reservation, you can follow step by step everything that happens related to the reservation from your private client area.
And those are the simple steps to get your reservation.

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