Catamaran rentals in Barcelona

Catamarans available for rent in Barcelona

  • Sail catamaran Lagoon 440
    Port Olimpic of Barcelona
    Capacity: 12 pax, 11 to sleep
    Cabins: 6
    Year: 2006
    €3,900/1 week
  • Sail catamaran Catana Catamarans Bali 4.5
    Port Ginesta
    Capacity: 11 pax, 11 to sleep
    Cabins: 6
    Year: 2018
    €7,400/1 week



Catamaran Rentals in Barcelona bareboat and skippered

The advantages over monohull sailboats

In recent years the option to rent a catamaran has become one of the biggest attractions when choosing a boat for the holidays in Barcelona. And that has been because of the many advantages he has on a monohull sailboat.Modern catamarans sail up to 25% faster per windward than a monocoque of similar length, but with stern wind can reach 75% up to 100% faster than a monohull sailboat. Another great advantage of the catamarans is their shallow draft, they can sail and anchor in places where the monohulls can not enter. The draft also allows more possibilities to anchor away from the crowds. The catamarans have large and wide areas on the deck, the interior of the cabin has twice the space of a monocoque, and a large living room that is at the same level the bath, which provides 360-degree visibility.
One of the great differences with the monocoque, is that it does not incline when navigating. Navigating anchored (tilted) can be very fun and exciting for a while. But people with a tendency to get dizzy may feel dizzy. They seldom score more than 5 degrees, which makes sailing on the high seas much calmer and more relaxed, drinks and food are kept on the table, there is no need to worry about maintaining balance, so it is less Exhausting and there is less chance of getting dizzy.
The catamarans have separate hulls with separate cabins, which gives it much more privacy. Staterooms are usually located at the corners of the and are separated from the rest areas and kitchen. Everyone can have their own space on the boat and without anyone bothering you. As for safety, a catamaran is unsinkable which makes them safer than monohulls. Modern catamarans do not need ballast and their core is built according to the sandwich system; Are actually impossible to sink. If, for example, the hull is damaged, the performance of the navigation of a catamaran is not affected, as the boat is sufficiently buoyant even under these conditions. Even with extreme damage, the catamaran still floats. Rental prices. Catamarans can carry up to 12 people comfortably, so the cost per day and person is cheaper than many monohulls. Renting a catamaran in Barcelona is one of the best options to enjoy the best corners of the cost.
We have the best brands of catamarans in the world:
Lagoon catamaran rental in Barcelona, Fountaine Pajot catamaran rental in Barcelona, Catana catamaran rental in Barcelona, Nautitech catamaran rental in Barcelona
Nautic Adventure offers you the largest fleet of catamaran rentals in Barcelona. You can book in Barcelona catamarans of all lengths, models and possibilities. And if the catamaran you are looking for does not find it here, we will look for it for you. We will help you in everything from choosing the catamaran, information on the best routes, the best anchorages and interesting places to visit. If you do not have a nautical license or prefer not to worry about the catamaran, we put at your disposal a professional skipper who will take care of the catamaran and help make your catamaran vacation perfect and unforgettable.Trust the best, trust Nautic Adventure!


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