Yacht Charter in Croatia

Yacht Charter in Croatia

16/May/2016 16:17

Back to the Mediterranean in origin. Croatia is one of the best sailing destinations in the Mediterranean, renowned for the beauty of its sprawling archipelago and the quality of its waters. Croatia has taken very seriously the need to preserve the natural environment to make it compatible with a growth plan that includes the creation of new marinas in places where environmental impacts are minimized. So along its coast we will find small villages full of charm that harmonize with the environment.

Croatia has a great setting for boating practice with 6,176 kilometers of coastline of which 4,398 belong to its 1,244 islands and islets. The territory integrates various national parks such as Brijuni, Kornati, Krka or Mljet, or natural parks such as Telascica or of Lastovo.
Along its coast find 62 marinas that we may combine with the spectacular destinations in bays, coves, islands and channels in which to navigate and anchor pleasure. The Croatian government has launched a growth plan to take advantage of former military or industrial sites and ports lower ecological impact, for expansion of up to 25,000 new berths.
Almost 300,000 fans boarded and visited the Dalmatian coast between the months of April to September last year, of which 25% Germans, 22% Italians, 16% and 15% Austrian Slovenes. And more importantly, many of them are repeaters and enthusiasts of nautical tourism on the Adriatic.
What we need to know to navigate Croatia?
In addition to local meteorology and certain regulations on fishing and diving, we must acquire a "bullet" or pass that authorizes us to navigate for a year through its waters, the price is very affordable and will depend on the number of authorized crew. This vignette can be purchased at any customs office or offices of ports. If we go with our own boat we must register on arrival at any port customs installed at ports of Umag, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Rasa Brsica, Rijeka, Mali Losinj, Senj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Ploce, Metkovic, Sailing Luka, Korcula, Ubli and Dubrovnik, but during the summer months also offices in Umag, Novigrad, Sali, Bozava, Primosten, Hvar, Satari Grad, Vis, Komiza and Cavtat open.
Meteorology and other data
· Radio Rijeka: Emits parts on channels 04, 20, 24, 81 in English at 05:35, 14:35, 19:35 hours.
· Radio Split: Emits parts on channels 07, 21, 23, 28, 81 at 05:45, 12:45 and 19:45 hours.
· Radio Dubrovnik: VHF broadcasts in 04.07, and channel 85 to the hours 6:25, 13:20, 21:20.
As important phone numbers include the country code (+385) ambulance service (94), emergency (112), Fire (93), police (92), maritime rescue service (9155) or naturally emergency channel 16 VHF and also channels 10 and 74 and on the web www.weatheronline.co.uk among many to know the weather information.
The navegation
Given the number of narrow channels and sites you can browse, it is all forbidden logic sailing in the inlet ports or channels of less than 50 meters from the coast or within 200 meters from the bathing beaches .
Respect for the environment that every seaman must show is supported by the conservation policy proclaimed by the authorities. As a result the Dalmatian coast offers throughout its coast blue flag and almost all its marinas, harbors and pristine beaches.
Choose a tour
Difficult task because all of them are impressive. Depending on the time that we have, we can choose between several routes both north and south, or perhaps around Dubrovnik. If you have several weeks we can combine different areas, but do not try to know everything at once, lest not stop navigate and always go with his tongue out. It's much nicer choose a unique area and calmly sail her to taste in detail.
A trip to the north
Although it is said that the best Adriatic anchorages are in the south, the fact is that the north competes and sometimes surpasses it in beauty. Many of the bays in the north are separated by narrow passages Mediterranean land that make them peninsulas. We may discover many places to spend the night in the company of silence and the stars in the sky as the only decoration, although this perhaps the algid part of the season in the middle of August is not the best.
Many bays and coves are marked with mooring buoys, which although somehow end up discovering the charm of an unspoilt corner in exchange facilitate funding and rationalize their use. During the summer there are more likely to see us caught by a gust of wind in the north than in the south and if this happens, be tied to a buoy always calms and makes more sedate stay.
Brguljski zaljev (Molat) is one of these beautiful places protected by a small island. In Siroka (on the island of Ist) we can find a small village built in the middle of the isthmus separating the two bays completely different aspects. In Skarda discover a totally uninhabited island in the center are the ruins of an old stone tower. Ilovik is arguably one of the most famous places surrounded by islands and navigation steps full of charm, although best known for its beauty, which surely will see in any tourist brochure, is the small, protected and stunning bay Krivicaen Losinj. The scent of the pines and the clarity of its turquoise waters invite us to rest several days before changing to a new destination.
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