Why rent a catamaran?

Why rent a catamaran?

29/Oct/2016 19:03
Modern catamarans sail up to 25% faster to windward than a monohull of similar length, but with tailwind can reach 75% to 100% faster than a monohull sailboat.
Another great advantage of the catamarans is their shallow draft can navigate and anchor in places where monohulls can not enter. The draft also allows more likely to drop anchor away from the crowds.
Catamarans have large and wide areas on deck, inside the cabin has twice the space than a monohull, and a large living room which is on the same level the tub, providing 360-degree visibility
One of the big differences with the monocoque, is not inclined to navigate. Browse difficult angle (inclined) can be fun and exciting for a while. But people with a tendency to get dizzy, may feel dizzy. Rarely escoran more than 5 degrees, which makes navigation on the high seas are much more calm and relaxed, the drinks and food are kept on the table and not have to worry about balance, so it is less exhausting and are less likely to become lightheaded.
Catamarans have separate cabins separated with helmets, which gives much more privacy. The cabins are usually located at the corners and are separated from the rest areas and kitchen. Everybody can have their own space on the boat and no one will bother.
As for safety, it is unsinkable catamaran which makes them safer than monohulls. Modern catamarans no need ballast and its core is constructed according to the sandwich system; They are actually unsinkable. If, for example, you get to damaging the hull, performance sailing a catamaran is not affected, since the ship is sufficiently buoyant, even under these conditions. Even with extreme damage, even catamaran fleet.
Rental prices. Catamarans can carry on board even up to 12 people comfortably, so the cost per day per person, is cheaper than many monohull.

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