Seven sailing days from Kos island in Greece

Seven sailing days from Kos island in Greece

02/Dec/2016 20:14

Day 1Kos Marina – Vathi, Kalimnos Island (16 nm): We sail out from the marina on Saturday afternoon and we head for the south of Pserimos Island for a swim. On the way, we take care of the shallow waters at the NE tip of Kos. After the cooling from the heat of the day we end up in the protected fishing harbor of Vathi where we can taste delightful fisherman’s recipes.
Day 2Vathi, Kalimnos Island – Pandeli , Leros Island (19 nm): We stop for a swim in Ormos Palaionissos on Kalimnos and we continue to the north. Our next port is Pandeli on Leros Island. The small port is pretty and the tavernas on the beach offer excellent food. Before getting started with dinner and potentially getting a bit festive on the local wine, visit the castle on top of the hill, the view is magnificent. After dinner, a visit to Ayia Marina will satisfy those looking for a more lively night out.
Day 3Pandeli , Leros Island - Arkioi Island (19 nm): We head out and our first stop is Aspronisi to the north of Lipsoi. The beach is one of the most beautiful in Greece and if you have a water resistant camera to carry on the island, you will enjoy the pictures for a long time. Pay attention to the reef close to the island. After that we sail north and we stop for a second swim at Tiganakia, a bay famous for the emerald coloured waters. The depth is small but the shallow draft of the catamaran protects you from any problems. For the night we anchor in the small port of Arkioi, a tranquil and less developed spot.
Day 4Arkioi Island – Patmos (13 nm): Our fist stop is the island of Marathi where we will stop for a cooling swim. If the place suits your taste, we can stay there until noon and enjoy lunch on one of the tavernas on the beach. Otherwise, we take the anchor up and we set sail for the island of Patmos. It is an amazing place with a wide variety of beaches and a long history and tradition. Choose one or more bays for a swim and then head for the port. From then you will rent a car or motorbikes to visit the traditional Chora with the monastery and the cave where John the Apostle wrote the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation). In Patmos, you can combine the spiritual with the cosmopolitan, so , if one wishes the night can last long in the bars of the port.
Day 5Patmos - Lipsoi (13 nm): This does not have to be an early start since breakfast from the Chora, with a view to the bay is strongly recommended. After that, a short and lazy sail to the south will offer many opportunities for swimming in secluded or cosmopolitan beaches. Port of call for the day is the island of Lipsoi and its protected port. If you are a fan of traditional architecture and folklore, a visit at the local chuch with the unique Panagia tou Charou (Madonna of Death) icon is worth the time.
Day 6Lipsoi – Xerokambos Bay, Leros Island (19 nm): We sail out and head for the bays between the Archangelos Isl. to the north and Leros Isl. to the south. We swim and snorkel in the bays and then we head to the south to Xerokambos Bay. It is a very safe anchorage and we can even pich up a laid mooring provided you have dinner at the restaurants that have laid them but also offer very good food. If one is in the mood for an excursion and a closer look at the history of the area, a visit to the WW II museum is an interesting proposal.
Day 7Xerokambos Bay, Leros Island – Kos Marina (27 nm): On this last day in the sea we will sail the longest leg. A break at the mid of the day will help us rest, relax and swim at Kalymnos and on we go again to reach our destination, the Marina of Kos.
Day 8: Disembarkation
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