Sailing the north of Menorca Island

Sailing the north of Menorca Island

16/May/2016 16:24

SAILING IN MENORCA ISLAND. The island of Menorca is the northernmost and eastern Balearic archipelago. The prevailing wind is the Tramontana, which owes its pleasant summer temperatures not as high as in the rest of the Balearics. The interior features numerous archaeological sites, many of them in good condition.
Sailing along the north coast can be dangerous if not pay attention to the projections, monitor the strong winds that can cause problems for novice boaters. It is a rugged coastline, incoming and outgoing between cliffs that adorn the landscape. Costa unexploited alone where we can enjoy magnificent coves and crannies rocked by the sea.
Leaving Mahon Menorca Ciutadella walking towards the north the first cove we find is Cala Mesquida, classic summer resort for the Menorcan that is not exploited for tourism. In the surrounding area include the military compound of La Mola overlooking the entrance to the Port of Mahon and from which a view of the Castle of Sant Felip obtained the necessary permission is sought may tour the facility.
In the Cala des Grau begins Albufera Natural Park des Grau of great importance from the point of faunal and archaeological sight. It serves as a shelter for boats of less than three meters broth and is protected by the Isla d'en Colom. La Cala de Tamarells, Cala de Torreta, Cala Cavaller, Cala Morella Nou, El Arenal de Morella and Playa Tortuga also part of the Natural Park. The latter is protected from the north winds by Cabo Favaritx. This is one of the least urbanized areas of the island, the beaches do not have the tourist services that we observe in other areas and are very unfrequented, so find lighter.
From Cape Favaritx to the Port of Addaia find numerous inbound and outbound form small coves unsheltered as Cala Caldes, S'Enclusa and Mongofre, where we find few bathers, it is a good area for diving enthusiasts who will enjoy several wrecks sunk.
The entrance to the Port of Addaia is full of islets and flagstone so it is recommended that the marking of buoys and make entry day, there are areas for which it is recommended not pass through the narrow space dud stone and other by the shallow draft that becomes less than half a meter.
The area of ​​Arenal d'en Castell has grown considerably in recent years, it is the most urbanized parts of northern Menorca. A circular long beach of the village itself to the surrounding developments. A narrow entrance allowing protects funding in turn lift inside, which is a good alternative to the Port of Addaia. Small boats can also enjoy a protected anchorage on the beach of Na Macaret located at the entrance to the Port of Addaia.
Once transferred the Mola de Fornells entered its Bay, obligatory stop to taste the famous lobster stew, we can take advantage of a walk through the rugged yet Mola de Fornells, along the promenade of Fornells or visit the Tower of Illa Sargantona where we get the best views of the area. Fornells Bay is a good shelter for the night, find moorings in the port and at the Yacht Club with minimal services and Ses Salinas. And in the only Son Parc Golf Club on the island.
Before coming to Cabo Cavalleria we pass by Cala Tirant far is reaching the urban development of Fornells. Cavalleria Cape is the northernmost point of Menorca. Its beach is formed by two coves of crystalline waters and reddish sand where nudism is practiced and may be mud bath, it is frequented by pleasure craft.
Leaving the beach Binimel-la, we found a number of very unfrequented coves, Cala Pregonda, nice protected cove north winds some small isles. Cala Barril through the Balearic Bledes. It is not advisable navigate the freo between the Islands and Menorca due to low pitfalls. Cala Calderer whose inaccessible by land makes a pristine and secluded cove. Els Alocs and Cala del Pilar give way to the La Vall de dense forests and lush vegetation, pristine cliffs and great beauty. Turning Cap Gros appears the small Cala de Cabó and after Punta Rotja, Cala Algaiarens formed by two beaches is a good anchorage, and Cala Cala Fontanelles S'Escala.
From Cala Morell we meet urbanized and tourist coves. Cala Morell is sheltered from the winds, has a small jetty and can anchor in its west side. Its caves pique the interest of lovers of geology. We spent Punta Nati and Cap de Menorca and Ciudadella before reaching there some curious coves we recommend visiting elongated. Narrow inlets of the sea between rock walls and turquoise waters. We talk about Cala Piques, Cala en Forcat, Cala Brut and Cala en Blanes where small boats can seek shelter.
And finally Citadel, where we can visit the Cathedral, the old town and taste typical local dishes in the restaurants of its picturesque harbor
South of Menorca Island
Mahon to Ciutadella on the south
Leaving towards Mahon Menorca Citadel touring the south we find a very urbanized area, second homes and residential areas summer are filled with people and animation during the summer. Passing Es Castell arrived at the Cala de Alcalfar protected Torn Island that makes it a good anchorage for small boats. We can find natural caves in the area.
The coast between Punta Prima Alcalfar and is the only area of ​​this undeveloped district. The beach Punta Prima is very busy in front of the Isla del Aire that their situation is very windswept and sea, which has been the cause of many shipwrecks. Remains we can go diving, besides admiring the beautiful backgrounds of this part of the island.
We entered an area of ​​small developments with white sandy coves. Private Binibecacon highlights the original design of white houses.
Among Binissafuller Island and Cape Font we have to be careful with downcast. very nice to travel between islands and crannies area. In between an incoming narrow and elongated water leads us in the Cala de Binissafuller, sheltered cove with clear water but shallow draft. Cala also Biniparratx is a narrow starter, but unlike the first, Biniparratx is not urbanized so it keeps a wild charm and can anchor in it.
Following the same style creek, narrow, elongated and cushions have Cala Binidalí staggered rocky walls, Cala is deep and twisted from whose beach Canutells the horizon is not visible, Cales Coves with numerous caves carved into its cliffs, Cala en Porter where there we can miss their Cave Xoroi serving enclave for an original disco.
A coastline of pristine cliffs gives way to the beach Son Bou. With it we move into an area of ​​long beaches of fine white sand as Desant Tomas, Binicodrell protected by the islet Binicodrell, Binigaus with the Cova des Coloms.
Several sandy coves and crystal clear waters, Escorxada, Fustam, Trebalúger, Mitjana and Mitjaneta will serve us tranquility and rest before reaching Cala Galdana busy. Magnificent cove of turquoise blue and pine trees that reach the edge of the beach.
One of the most popular coves, Cala Macarella with its small cove next, Cala Macarelleta a must for anyone who runs Menorca. Although quite busy, they have not lost their charm. Like its neighbor Cala Turqueta, crystal clear waters infinite shades of blue-green, pine forests and rocky walls that protect the wildernesses remind you of yesteryear.
Although not as pretty, but it is less crowded Cala Talaier. Last creek before touring small area beaches more open and elongated like those of Bellavista and Banyut that are part of Arena LaPlaya Son Saura and Son Xoriguer.
Crossing the Punta de Sa Guarda arrived at the Marina of Cala en Bosch, point shelter for small boats and resting place to enjoy the Menorcan cuisine.
The lighthouse at Cape Artrutx marks the point southwest of the island of Menorca, to Cala Blanca, a pristine coastline with us. Cala Blanca and Cala Santandria are two starters that form a narrow cove as we have seen that it is common in the southern part of the island.
And finally Ciutadella, where we can visit the Cathedral, the old town and taste typical local dishes in the restaurants of its picturesque harbor.

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