Navigating the South of Menorca

Navigating the South of Menorca

14/Dec/2016 20:24

The island of Menorca is the most northerly and eastern part of the Balearic archipelago. The dominant wind is the Tramontana, due to its pleasant summer temperatures, not as high as in the rest of the Balearic Islands. The interior stands out for numerous archaeological sites, many of them in good state of conservation. Menorca is one of the places where renting a boat is one of the best ideas.

Departing from Mahón to Ciudadela along Menorca, we find a very urbanized area, second residences and summer housing developments that are filled with people and entertainment during the summer. Passing Es Castell we arrive at the Cove of Alcaufar protected by the Island of Torn that turns it into a good anchorage for small boats. We can find natural caves throughout the area.
The coast between Alcaufar and Punta Prima is the only area of ​​this undeveloped district. The crowded beach of Punta Prima is in front of the Island of the Air that by its situation is very whipped by the wind and the sea, which has been cause of many shipwrecks. Remains that we can go diving while admiring the beautiful bottoms of this part of the island.
We enter an area of ​​small urbanizations with coves of white sand. It emphasizes the Urbanization of Binibecacon an original design of white houses.
Between the Island of Binissafuller and the Cape of Font we will have to be careful with the low ones. Very nice area to cross between islets and nooks. Between half an incoming narrow and long water flows into Binissafuller Creek, a sheltered bay with transparent waters but with little draft. Also Biniparratx Cove is a narrow entree, but unlike the first, Biniparratx is not urbanized so it maintains a more wild charm and we can anchor in it.
Following the same style of cove, narrow, elongated and sheltered we have Cala Binidalí with stepped rocky walls, Cala is Canutells deep and twisted from whose beach you can not see the horizon, Cales Coves with numerous caves dug in its cliffs, Cala en Porter where not We can stop to visit its Cave Xoroi that serves as enclave for an original disco.
A coastal line of virgin cliffs gives way to the beach of Son Bou. With it we enter in an area of ​​long beaches of fine white sand as the deSant Tomas, Binicodrell sheltered by the Islet of Binicodrell, Binigaus with the Cova des Coloms.
Several pristine coves of fine sand and crystalline waters, Escorxada, Fustam, Trebalúger, Mitjana and Mitjaneta, will serve us for tranquility and rest before reaching the busy Cala Galdana. Magnificent cove of turquoise blue and pine trees that reach the edge of the beach.
One of the best known coves, Cala Macarella with its small calita next door, Cala Macarelleta is a must see for anyone visiting Menorca. Although quite busy, they have not lost their charm. Like its neighbor Cala Turqueta, its crystalline waters of infinite shades of blue-green, its pine forests and rocky walls that protect them remind you of the virgin landscapes of yesteryear.
Although not so nice, but less crowded is Cala Talaier. Last small cove before crossing an area of ​​beaches more open and elongated like those of Bellavista and Banyut that are part of the Arena of Son Saura and the Beach of Son Xoriguer.
Crossing the Point of Sa Guarda we arrive at the Marina of Cala en Bosch, point of shelter for the small boats and place of rest to enjoy the kitchen menorquina.
The Lighthouse of Cabo de Artrutx marks the most southwestern point of the Island of Menorca, until Cala Blanca, a virgin coastline accompanies us. Cala Blanca and Cala Santandria are two entrances that form a narrow cove as we have seen that is common in the southern part of the island.
And finally Ciudadela, where we can visit its Cathedral, the old quarter and taste typical dishes of the area in the restaurants of its picturesque port

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