Gulets Rentals in Turkey with crew

Gulets Rentals in Turkey with crew

16/May/2016 16:13

The current Turkish gulet is a boat very similar to traditional work boats that have been equipped with motor and modern equipment. This allows crews charter comfortably explore the beautiful Turkish coast, reviving the style and spirit of the past.
Motor gliders made of wood that are specifically designed to surf the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The team chooses the best schooners and the best companies in Turkey, makes a careful selection of ships depending on their quality and equipment and pays special attention to the choice of captains and crew, all to offer its customers maximum quality.
Gulets, of lengths between 14 and 31 meters, can accommodate up to 16 guests in double, single bunk cabins or suites, all with private bathroom and shower.
• Spacious living and high ceilings to facilitate ventilation.
• Botava and high gunwales, which offer great security.
• Spacious cabins.
• Solariums clear and wide-ranging, equipped with cushions.
• Top cover equipped with dining table, protected by awnings
• Spacious rooms equipped with dinette and bar.
• Kitchen with professional equipment: oven, coolers and refrigerators.
• Private bathrooms in each cabin, with shower and toilet and hot water system and cold pressurized
• sufficient stowage space for material of extra recess
• Powerful engines for safe navigation, and compliance with established programs and schedules.
• Modern candles made in Dracon and complete maneuver of work.
• Windsurfing
• Canoe
• Dinghy with outboard engine
• Hi-Fi equipment with radio-cassette and CD
• Colour Television
• Mobile phone
• VHF radio telephone
• Circuit pressurized hot and cold water
• Electric or hydraulic winch
• Fully equipped kitchen
• current 12/24 volts
• Refrigerators and coolers
• mats cover.
• ladder
• Bimini
• dining table outside
• Fishing equipment
• Septic tanks
• Linens and towels
Some of the boats also have: 220v electrical generators, freezer, icemaker, air conditioning, motor with equipment to practice water skiing and dinghies.
The crew responsible for the operation of the ship. They make life easier on board, discreetly and trying to never disturb the privacy and the privacy of the guests. The entire crew is in possession of a license to act as "professional Mariners for commercial ships." Depending on the size of the boat they will have 3 or 4 people: captain, cook / sailor, sailor / waiter, sailor / deckhand.
The cook will handle the completion of the purchase and cook services. The menus are based mainly on traditional Turkish and Mediterranean home cooking, but on request can be prepared vegetarian dishes.
They will pick you up at the airport and taken to the embarkation point. Turkish countryside is full of interesting places to see during the trip.
Southwest Turkey is one of the most attractive sailing areas of the world could be sailing for over a year for these shores, between Kumasi and Antalya, and not get to know everything.
Whatever the chosen itinerary navigate why not have more than an average of 4 or 5 hours a day, so you will have plenty of time to relax, make stops for swimming, exploring the coast and the numerous islands.
You can also visit historical sites, shopping at resorts or eat something in a fishing village. The diversity of the Turkish coast will satisfy all tastes.
The crew will suggest different options and will be you who choose the program that best suits your preferences.
The best months to visit this area are included from May to October, during good weather, with warm days and the sea warm enough to swim. June and September, due to the breeze running are two particularly nice for browsing months.
The currency is the Turkish Lira usually only be acquired in the country. It is convenient to carry and change dollars or euros on arrival, although at tourist sites are accepted without problems.
Be careful when making purchases to be accompanied by someone of the country, because the issue of commissions for intermediaries in Turkey is a scandal, rather than 10% as in other countries, can amount to 20% and even reach fifty%. Do not go to a store in the company of anyone.
If you need to keep in touch with your home or office, will not have problems, you simply request the service of "roaming" with your company.
It is convenient if you use a taxi ask that triggers the counter or to report the approximate price of the race before accepting the service.
Turkey is usually a safe country, but will have to exercise caution in cities like Ankara and Istanbul. Traffic is very Antiquities pursued so it is essential to be extremely cautious when making our purchases always demanding the invoice.
In Nautic Adventure, we offer the best gulets yacht charter charter in Turkey. We offer you the best gulets in this wonderful country with the most competitive prices and with guarantee, quality and security offered to have the best fleet of the Turkish coast and the best companies charter.
We are sure you will find the boat you need to your needs and price. Ask us for information and within minutes you will receive a detailed proposal of several boats that perfectly adapt to your tastes and desires. And the routes do not worry because we will provide all the information you need to make the most of the time. Visit our website in Gulet yacht charter in Turkey and find the ship and destination in Turkey you most want.

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