The best places to anchor in Ibiza

The best places to anchor in Ibiza

10/Dec/2016 18:26

Ibiza is a multifaceted island, where you can enjoy sailing, get to know its towns once you are docked in port, and naturally enjoy its best places to anchor, where you spend the night in front of a beach.

Enjoying in a cove from the 'opposite' side (the sea) that normally most people have the ability to access (land) is a singular pleasure. Always different views and landscapes, unparalleled sunsets. Moments of stillness and peace difficult to forget.

A very suitable month to navigate in its waters is the one of September, moment in which the enormous influx of tourism has dissipated and we can still enjoy the good weather and its warm waters.

There are many places to anchor in Ibiza. Let's see some of them, going around the island clockwise and starting from the beautiful Ibiza.

Cala Jondal

It is possible to anchor a probe between 10 and 5 meters with sand and algae bottoms.
We will only find a few houses and a bar at the edge of the pebble beach, resulting in a quiet place. It is accessed from the SE-S-SW, so take care of those winds.

Port Roig

A pleasant and advisable anchorage, located between Port Roig and Las isletas, where we must anchor with a probe between 10 and 5 meters with sand and algae bottom and about 100 meters from the shore, with very good protection of all winds saved The SW! Next to it there are two small islets very fun to go with the auxiliary as a mini-excursion. The terracotta color of its cliffs is likely to give the name to such a beautiful cove.

Cala Vedella

Also known as Badella cove, it is a deep cove protected by hills lined with pine trees, so it is one of the safest coves. The anchoring should be done between 4-3 meters deep in sandy bottoms and algae. Sometimes it may be necessary to anchor with two anchors. In summer it is very noisy and lively, with many restaurants, bars and cafes. Careful when entering with the restinga in the north tip.

Cala Bassa

A wide cove that ends on a wide sandy beach end. Some hills with pine trees appear to NW-N-NE. Settle to 8-5 meters of probe in front of the beach. The bottoms are rocks and seaweed with sandbanks between them. There are several restaurants and bars where you can dine peacefully. During the day it is very busy approaching many tourist boats .

Port d’es Torrent

Wide cove that constitutes almost a natural port, with rocky areas to its ends and sandy beach in all its central zone. There are several restaurants, and their entrance is from the NW-N-NE.
It is necessary to anchor to 6-4 meters of probe in bottom of sand and algae, to the beginning of this one. Many tourists during the day. Beware of approaching the beach as there are treacherous rocks towards the E and a half hundred meters from the shore.

Cala Salada

A narrow, rocky cove with access between rocks on both sides. There is a little island to the north. Care should be taken with a draft zone between 2 and 8 meters to the north. It is accessed from the SW-W-NW. To the south there is a small pier. The proper anchor is between 6-4 meters of probe, in the NE corner. We must be careful with some rocks to 1.7 meters deep and located 40 meters from the north wall and about 200 meters from the beach.

Cala Portixol

Una cala muy pequeña al W de Cabo Rubio, abierta hacia el N-NE, con playa de arena y piedras. Se debe fondear a 5 metros de sonda en fondo de arena y rocas. A veces es conveniente largar alguna amarra a tierra para asegurar el fondeo.
Su interior es una auténtica preciosidad dado lo recogido de su tamaño que la hace accesible sólo a pequeños barcos de pescadores.

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