Are you a good skipper or do you think you should improve

Are you a good skipper or do you think you should improve

24/Aug/2017 12:55

If you thought sailing on a sailboat is not fun enough and amazing. Look at the crew of this photo and tell me if you think it is a good skipper or it should still improve. Obviously it's a joke. That crew of the photo is professional and know their work better than his palm, but a very strong wind blow has put in trouble the boat and all its crew. It is not strange that such things happen on a high competition sailing boat where the extremes are constantly being sought with very risky maneuvers, strong winds and usually with very big waves. But the photo is still fun and the face of the subject and the air, is very funny and does not seem to be going bad, quite the opposite. But do not worry because this is not the case on charter boats, they are much quieter and safer for the crew and the boat itself.

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