Guide for sailing in Ibiza

Guide for sailing in Ibiza

10/Dec/2016 13:23

San Antonio: 38º 58´5" N - 01º 17´ 9" E. Located on the west side of the island, San Antonio is by importance the second city of the island and also its second most important port. The entrance to San Antonio does not have excessive complications, especially during the day, although at night it is always necessary to observe the marine chart carefully and to take into account that in front of the bay and arriving from the West or from the South we will find the Islands Bledas and Conejera, both with lighthouses that we must leave to starboard and that crossing the narrow channel between Conejera and the island of the Forest is only recommended with good weather and if the passage is known, but never at night.

The bay is quite well protected from all winds and generally, especially in summer, we can anchor without problems. Anyway, in summer it is very possible that we also have no alternative, since getting a mooring at the Nautical Club of San Antonio (Channel 9 - Tf. 971 340 645), is not an easy task and should be booked with a long time In advance. Of course, if we anchor, we must take into account that the bottom of the bay, usually mud and seaweed, are not good tenederos, so we must be careful and if other boats allow us, filaremos a bit more chain The usual or better still anchor with two anchors.
If we go out for dinner or have a drink, we must be aware of the changes of time and remember at all times that our boat is anchored and that you should never leave the boat alone without anyone on board. In San Antonio we can find practically everything in the shops, even some diving center where you can load bottles. The range of restaurants is quite extensive. Good options can be Rías Baixas for fish and seafood, and pockets prepared, or Sa Prensa with typical dishes and an average price of about 25 €. English bars and pubs to "tutiplén" and for those who want real sprees, especially the youngest, there are several discotheques, such as Es Paradis, that ensure dismay between parties of foam and wet shirts. Recommended visit is the Café del Mar, in Calo des Moro, near the port: chill-out music and memorable sunsets.

Cala Portinatx: 39º 06´9" N - 01º 30´ 7" E. Located in the northwest end of the island, Portinatx is a small tourist center built around a natural cove and although it does not have the charm of small Mediterranean villages, its tourism of familiar character, the beauty of the coast and the protection that Offers its small bay, they make of it an excellent option to anchor, since port, in spite of its name, does not have. Except that it is known very well the entrance at night is not recommendable since it does not have a beacon or any beacon. The cove is open to the north and northwest winds and the bottom is sand and seaweed, anchoring between 15 and 4 meters.

In the evening you can go out to dinner and although most of its restaurants offer a rather international menu, there are some that offer terrace overlooking the bay. There is also a nightclub and several bars for drinks. On the same beach we can find a supermarket and a diving center where you can load the bottles. In season also there is usually a boat with "sausage", you raise your hand, you notify the Pattern of the "invention", you negotiate a price with him and from the same boat he picks you up for a fun ride and some exercise ... Women in bikinis ... you can lose it!

Isla de Tagomago: 39º 02´3" N - 01º 37´ 3" EIn the extreme northeast of Ibiza is the small island of Tagomago, whose lighthouse is one of the main references to approach the island. In good weather we can anchor on both sides of the island and even spend the night, especially on the southwest side. The small coves on the north side are very deep waters and in them the bottom is only recommended to take a bath during the day in their transparent deep blue waters; Perhaps the best place to take a bath in the first hour and breakfast after having made the journey from Mallorca.

Puerto de Santa Eulalia: 38º 59´0" N - 01º 32´ 4" E. In the touristy Santa Eulalia is the third and last port of Ibiza. Access is good except with strong south wind. Arriving from the south will have to be careful with the Llagó islets and if you arrive from the north you will have to watch the Santa Eulalia slab, currently marked and delimited by the red sector of the lighthouse of Tagomago.With good weather we can anchor in the bay, Although to spend the night is quite exposed. The other option is to try to get a mooring at the Marina de Santa Eulalia (Canal 9 - Tf. 971 33 6161/9754), but here too it is not easy given the small size of the marina.If we are looking for overnight In port and out for dinner, Santa Eulalia can be an alternative to Ibiza and although it does not have the charm of the latter, Santa Eulalia in summer can be a fun place to go for a drink, with a much more traditional atmosphere than The extravagant Ibiza and of course rather more normal than in San Antonio. C'an Pere and Doña Margarita can be good options for dining.

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